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Dr Who
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Dr Who is now on SciFi. Having seen the entire series (Did I mention recently my fondness for torrents?), I was a little disappointed by the volume of commercials. mle292 and I watched it with jschmidt and S. We also ate cookies. MMMM, cookies. Oh, yeah, Dr. Who. mle292 said they were out of order (premier was followed by End of the World), but I actually do not recall if that is the appropriate order or not. And I am too lazy to look it up right now.

I am glad to see it on TV, and I understand that it is going to be available on DVD soon, so it is all good. Watch it. It is a good series, and it contains almost a refresher course on Dr. Who as well, so the entire history is not required in order to follow it.

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I think you're right and that I was misremembering. But, I'm going to check anyway...

(Deleted comment)
For some reason, I remembered it wrong.

Was there some rumor about them being played out of order on Sci-Fi? Is that later this season, or was there a change?

(Deleted comment)
I noticed (and jschmidt confirmed) that earlier in the week, according to the TimeWarner dvr, Dr. Who was listed as two separate 1-hour episodes, each with the episode name. One at 8 (repeated at 10), the second at 9pm (repeated at 11). Then on Friday when I double-checked that I remembered to record it, I saw it was now just called Dr Who for two 2-hour blocks (8pm and 10pm), so it is possible tivo did not figure out that change, if whatever feeds Tivo the schedule changed like TW did....

I may have to watch it sometime especially if and when it comes out on DVD. I never really got into Dr. Who, but am willing to give the new series a try.

So here is the list of the episodes
Playing in order so far.

The End Of The World
The Unquiet Dead
Aliens of London
10 Downing Street
The Long Game
Father's Day
The Empty Child
The Doctor Dances
Boom Town
Bad Wolf
The Parting of the Ways
Christmas Invasion (new doctor)

So have you seen V for vendeta yet?? Did you ever read the graphic?
It was ok if you like Natalie Portman shaved bald and tortured ...
The movie was a bit bass ackwards from the book though but major points were there. I can see how Allen didn't want to be connected to it - his high philosophies and all. (the author is a bit eccentric he looks like a cross between Grizzy Adams and Zasputan)
Talk with ya soon.
luv krisy

I have seen all of Dr. Who and I have read the Graphic Novel "V" (courtesy jschmidt), but I have not yet seen the movie. Perhaps this coming weekend I will find the time to squeeze in a showing!

How are you?

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