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Billy Bragg at the Fineline
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
After an awesome decadent breakfast of croissants filled with Chocolate and/or blueberries freshly prepared by mle292, I wandered home to do laundry and dishes and other random house cleaning bits. I had intended to do some of that on Saturday, but after the round trip to St. Cloud for TehDae's All State Band try-out, I attempted to take a nap. I succeeded brilliantly! 2.5 hours later I got up and went off to Dreamhaven and then the gym for a workout. But back to Sunday, so I finished my laundry, put it away, did the cleaning, and played a little WoW. Oh, and watched the season finale of BattleStar Galactica. OMG. Now I need to fill in some details of this season, those episodes I missed for one reason or another. Thank goodness for the power of torrent. Sunday night mle292 came over and prepared food when 7thstranger arrived. It was the first Grilled Cheese Sandwich I had in years. Tasty.

I dropped the girls off at Fineline and started driving around looking for street parking. I found a spot on third street just off Nic, which made it really easy to get out of downtown later. Jill Sobule opened up with some entertaining songs. The little girl can really belt it out. Strange hippie christian music. But some of it was pretty damn funny. She even had some music that was so new she had someone up on stage to hold her TiBook for her lyrics. The Billy Bragg came up. You have to admire a guy that will do a concert in beat up jeans and a "crumpled" polo with only the middle button buttoned. His voice was strained from a previous concert, so he slowed his music down and focused mainly on his folk stuff, and not so much the punk.

Anywho, had a good time, got home, realized my iPod needed a charge and probably a sync, so stayed up to make sure that started then crashed. And now I am at work and I think it is almost time for coffee break #1.

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umm... Jill Sobule is so not Christian music
unless she's changed since I last heard her

It wasn't Christian, but could have very easily been confused for it. She played one or two songs that were peacehippiereligious, and one other that indulged Christianity.

You are correct, it was not Christian music like an Amy Grant or Michael Smith. I actually meant a couple of the songs had religious overtones. I stand (well, sit) corrected.

Sounds like you had an excellent weekend! I love Jill Sobule's music (note to self, you need more of it!).

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