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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Yes, I have the Best Girlfriend Ever. mle292 was over at my house after the snow stopped and cleared my walkways and the driveway. She even cleared a path to the firewood. How cool is that? :)

And jmanna, where is my button?

Tomorrow is dinner and a movie with jschmidt and S, and hopefully mle292, but I have not seen any confirmation yet. Saturday is up early for a drive to St. Cloud, as tehDae (it was supposed to be "Teh Di" or "Teh Dee", but that didn't sound right, and it just came out like today so why fight it...) has to be up there for State/Regionals, I am not entirely sure, so a driving we will go.

I need (NEED) to get to Dreamhaven soon! I hope we have time on Saturday to get there. Other than that, I am not sure what my weekend holds. Hopefully a little time for WoW.

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Well, that's GREAT news.

Awwww... You're very sweet. Or bitter, I can never remember which. ;P

I think I can come with tomorrow night, so far I'm expecting that I can.

She's auditioning for "All State Band". Wow - it occurs to me now that I wasn't terribly upset about the prospect of maybe driving that, but I sure am relieved right now knowing that I don't have to be on that long stretch of freshly slushed roads. Thanks very, very, very much for driving.

And, I'm currently holding jmanna's button maker hostage. tehDae (as you've monikered her, gosh I wish I was paying more attention in the car during that conversation) asked to borrow the button maker for a school project.

Re: Well, that's GREAT news.

You're very sweet. Or bitter, I can never remember which

I'm told it depends on what he eats. Something about asparagus.

Yeah, and I heard about what marijuana smells like from a friend once.

Feed him pineapple juice. : )

See! I get some of the best advice from friends!

So, what does that do anyway?

Things taste sweeter. If I explain this any clearer, it'll be porn. : )

I got your button....RIGHT HERE!!

UM, jockularity aside....what button? You realize I was drinking Saturday, right? Drinking a lot. Dude, I had my room number written on my hand so I wouldn't get lost.

So, you're gonna have to remind me what it should say?

Drinking?!?! Naaaaaah.

You seemed Serpectly Fosber.

"I'm a lucky bastard."

At least that is what I remember you slurring... We were all drinking heavily...

DUDE she fixes stuff and shovels snow- shes perfect for you

As yes snow. We watched the news about your weather and thought of you (of course we were laughing and saying thank god I'm not there). At least you have heated floors to keep your toes toasty on those chilly mornings. Hey how is your sleeping thing going??? Have you or are you going to see V???
Much love krisy

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