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What a Slacker
I did not even post about Marscon! Jeez.

Well, now that everyone else has posted about it. It was a good time! Gigi was very entertaining and Dean was a very friendly geek boy. Life was good. I got to see a ton of my friends, stay up way to late, drink plenty (after giving blood, of course) and watch Geek Girls Gone Wild (next on Fox, right after when animals attack, cops, and when animals attack cops).

Next Up: Minicon. Yes, I am prereged, thanks for the reminder.
I know lots of people that will be at Anime Detour, but $50 for a Saturday afternoon and evening is a little on the steep side. I checked the site, but no mention of a day pass.

Speaking of sites lacking detail, BMC's support information is woefully lacking on the whole "Do you support Microsoft Virtual Server?" Answer. Looks like I need to open yet another informational ticket with them. Fortunately, their website makes it fairly easy, if you can find what the marketing department has renamed your product this week.

Autosaved Draft? Cool! Now both LJ and gmail have that feature. I suppose now is not the time to reminisce about when html was static and hand-coded in vi.