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I'm impressed
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I was walking to the bus this morning. I need to cross a fairly busy street, so I use the crosswalk (no lights here, just signs). There is a law that states that cars must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. This does not actually happen very often. This morning, I walked up to the crosswalk, and the cars in both directions stopped. The first cars! Not the third or fourth or twentieth. The first, both ways. Amazing. Wow. Two people managed to start my day with a smile, by doing something as simple as following the law.

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Wow! That's great!

Not really related, but it reminded me anyway - when I used to drive a big giant truck for the U. of M., I'd get so annoyed that I could NEVER get across a crosswalk that I'd just have to drive extremely slowly so that the constant stream of oblivious pedestrians would just move around the vehicle.

Well, in the mornings, there is constant flow of peds across this x-ing, if you count one person every 10-15 minutes constant... :)

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