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Go on, prove yourself a toady
That is right, it is good to see Gonzolas proving in front of the Senate that he is, in fact, not the least bit interested in the law, he would rather be a fucking Bushco toady. Wiretapping US citizens, not using FISA, and completely ignoring several Constitutional rights does not concern the AG. Excuse me? I thought your job was to uphold the law, not lie for the president. Go fuck yourself, and the shit colored horse you road in on, Gonzolas. You are a shitty AG. You belong with that useless fuck Kline from KS. The KS AG wants everyone to tattle on teen sex. I think he is just a perv, but it turns out he actually has an agenda - slashing abortion rights (http://www.slate.com/id/2135328/). Who would have guessed that from the backwater hell-hole that Kansas has become? Fuckers. Hmmm, I guess it turns out that the AG role is now just another useless title slapped on anyone who can cite a law and shares your political ideology. No ethics or concern for law need apply.
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