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The rumors of my assimilation...
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
After about a week hiatus, I am back online. Last week was extremely busy online, and I probably missed tons of LJ Drama, but I will have a little more time this week...

Weekend was good. mle292 had some car issues, but we easily managed to wrangle another family member's vehicle and get things into good working order. We were able to get to the gym and out to dinner on Saturday too! First time I have been to a Culver's. I am sure I had more calories there than the rest of the weekend combined, but oh, well. After dinner was over to jschmidt's for UFC Action. Good fights. Saw some good grappling and also saw Chuck v Randy #3. I will be missing the next UFC as I will be at MarsCon!!

Sunday I had a crushing headache and downed plenty of vitamin-I and skipped kickboxing. Cleaned up my DVR. Yep, deleted the shows from November that I had not watched yet, probably wasn't going to get to those.

Need more coffee now, I have a meeting in 30 minutes...

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Welcome back! You were definitely missed at Supercon -- several people asked where you were. I wondered if you were going to go to Marson! ;)

Your version of easy and mine are slightly different, I might not be so damn grateful right now if everything had been a little easier.

Thank you very, very, very much for all your help this weekend. You're awesome. :)

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