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Ick!!! Another four years of Bush. With any luck, his mishandling of... well, of pretty much everything will get him impeached. Oh, wait, the GOP firmly controls both Senate and House. Nevermind.

I wanted Kerry to win. I wanted a break from Bush. I wanted Civil liberties not to be trampled into the ground. WTF is happening to this country? Are the majority of people really a group simplistic, ignorant bastards, more concerned with a smarmy chimp who 'plays' military dress up on a carrier while real soldiers are dying every day, who cannot take responsibility for his actions, who sees nothing wrong with the destruction of the environment, who sets everything in motion for torture at Abu Ghraib (pulling US from World Court, not calling the people POWs)? Good god people, wake the fuck up and pay attention! Bush was bad for America before, when he lost the popular vote, now what do you think is going to happen? Do you know how many decades it is going to take to undo the shit that he has managed to fuck up in the last four years, let alone the next four??

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> Are the majority of people really a group simplistic, ignorant bastards

Look at the states Dubya won. Then ask that question again.

It's a good thing Kerry didn't win, though, what with the Dems threatening to ban the Bible and all that.

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