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Such Awesome People
This weekend I received a new Hawaiian shirt (shiney!) and Kona coffee from jschmidt and S. from their trip to Hawaii. Today, there are fresh banana muffins waiting for me at home, thanks to BGFE mle292 AND the bit of snow we did receive is cleared!!

Edit Oh, and I made mle292 watch Blood of Heroes. And she did not even complain. Let me say, the volume on this title is horrid, and it is pan & scan. It looks like i converted it from an old VHS to DVD with no mastering. I should pop in the VHS and see if it is as bad as the new DVD I have, unless I gave that tape away...

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I think the muffins were insufficently banana-like but it's a work in progress. Blueberry will definitely be more blueberry-like.

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