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Different Year, Same ....
Good Morning and Welcome to another year.

New Years was a good time. People joined me at my house for good conversation, appetizers, hot apple cider, and champagne. jschmidt and S, and mle292 and Squeaky were there. We talked and we ate and drank and had a good time.

The next day started (for me) around 11am I think. Then there was breakfast with mle292 and Squeaky. A little bit of WoW, then talking and cribbage with mle292. Then she took off for davedujour's LOTR party, and got in a little more WoW followed by some sleep. Monday I got up at noon and cleaned the house a bit and then worked out at my usual time. Picked up a new faucet for the kitchen sink (it has only needed replacing for 8 years).

Now it is Tuesday morning, I am at work, and wondering if the New Year is important at all and if it makes any difference. I don't think so. But I don't think I'd give up my holiday either...

From an internal newsletter... "Team members at headquarters locations may take off this day after New Year's." May take it off? May take it off? WTF? Sure glad I don't feel guilty about taking off one of the few Holidays we do get. May take it off. *shakes head*. Yeah, thanks, you bet your ass I will.

Anywho. I was supposed to see that before the new year, so I would forget it and be in a good mood this morning. But as I went home sick on Friday last year, I didn't see it until this morning. Hrm. Ok, so they are being nice and not forcing anyone to take a Holiday. Sure, why not. It is the new year, I have not had my coffee yet, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. And just delete the email and pretend I did not see it, and pretend some smarmy asswipe didn't actually mean to write it, and it was probably written by a committee of mucky-mucks that have 4+ weeks of vacation anyway. Oh, wait, I was supposed to get over it, wasn't I?

Blah Blah Blah. I think I will listen to the now banned Dean Gray American Edit Mashups. :)

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Glad you had a good holiday! It sucks being at work right now. But, I've just had some coffee, so life is good.

I just got my coffee. Starbucks has a new cinnamon/brown sugar latte. Oh, the conflict. After this it is back to brew coffee. I started counting how much I was spending on coffee in a week and OMG!

Um, yeah. I made my own today. A treat is nice now and then, but WOAH, those places make a killing!

Besides, it makes my apartment smell SO GOOD!!

How much coffee can you drink in a week, anyway?

I started counting how much I was spending on coffee in a week and OMG!

I think for what you might normally spend in two weeks, you could pick up an espresso maker with the milk steamer thingy on it and make bunches of lattes. ...Wait, maybe you'd lose money in the long run.

I had a really great time and so did Squeaky. :) Thanks!

At least now you know not to forget jschmidt's birthday on October 12th. Just sayin'...

And I learned some really interesting stuff from S about mortuary practices.

Hrm, I think my running sarcastic joke will come back to bite me in the ass.

You think correctly, oh wise one.

'"Team members at headquarters locations may take off this day after New Year's."'

What they're really saying is that they know all of the employees will be too hungover the next day to do anything productive.

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