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Spin Spin Spin!
"The US Justice Department has launched an investigation to determine who disclosed a secret NSA eavesdropping operation approved by President George W. Bush..."

Does this news blurb remind anyone of South Park? Yeah, the one where the Priests see nothing wrong with doing alter boys, the problem is actually that the alter boys are going to the police, media, and lawyers about it. If they would just stop doing that it would all be ok.

Yeah, the problem here is that the citizens were informed of your illegal activities. But Bush says they are OK, so he better find out who told people about these "OK" activities. Because they are need for the war on terror, right? So they must be OK. Just that you don't need to know about it. Yeah.

In Summary: Bush broke the law, lied about it, then when people found out he shifts the blame to a leak and the press. What a fucking ass.

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Especially since this is the same administration that dragged their feet and whined about the investigation of the leak that disclosed the undercover CIA agent. ARRRGGGGH

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