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WTF?! [Rant]
Regarding the Padilla case, the Justice Department said the US Circuit Court had "...infringed on President Bush's authority to run the war on terror..."

This is the same court that has let Bushco throw peopleUS Citizens in a Navy Brig for years (YEARS!) without charging them with anything more than being an "enemy combatant"

And then, then those useless fucks said:
"There is nothing remotely sinister about the government's effort to pursue criminal charges that minimize evidentiary complications," the brief said, adding that "there is no basis for questioning the good faith of the government in moving forward with the indictment."

minimize evidentiary complications WTF? This sounds a little too much like "Well, don't let the lack of evidence get in the way of finally prosecuting this guy on some bullshit charges after we left him in a hole without charging for anything for over 3 years..."

Plus Bushco's illegal wiretaps? Impeach! Impeach that fucking asshat dictator. So, FISA doesn't move fast enough? 72 hour retro rule for wiretaps? You cannot file your brief with FISA within 3 days of starting a tap on someone? Is that just laziness or outright fucking incompetence? And FISA has rejected - what - 8 taps in 27 years? Which would imply that Bush is wiretapping people he knows for which FISA would smack him down.

How do we get rid of him? So, his buddies bugger up elections in Florida and Ohio. He launches a war on known bad data and defends it, then lies about it (2100+ US Soldiers have died so far, plus a minimum of 30000 Iraqi Civilians). His administration outed an undercover CIA agent. He has run up the largest deficit ever (starting with a surplus, at that). He has cut social programs while giving tax breaks to his friends. But he says "Jesus" and claims to be a Christian, and he has his war on (War on Terra), so people cut him slack. WHY?!

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
-Benjamin Franklin

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“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” Thomas Jefferson.

BTW this very quote is on a plaque in our lobby.

I'd rather eat bush than have to listen to that man.

The lynchpin to all this bullshit by BushCo? What "war"? The "war" on terror is not a war. They call it a "new kind of war", but it isn't a war in the sense that Bush gets to play all his commander-in-chief cards. He doesn't get to play king or dictator because he feels it was expedient. Even the resolution that the House passed to abdicate their responsibilities in the "war" on terror (ie. against the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan) fell short of granting Bush full-on war powers, for damn good reason (yay for minor bouts of sanity, Dems!).

You ask why? Mainly because the people aren't paying attention, are poorly educated in civics, don't have reliable information to make decisions even if they were, and the Republicans have co-option of the language down to a science, thus framing all debate in an iron-clad box. Plus we have a House full of politicians, not statesmen, (almost) all doing what their highly-paid campaign advisors tell them to do rather than what they ought to do.

there is no basis for questioning the good faith of the government in moving forward with the indictment.

Seems reasonable to me. Why do you hate America?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! At least I can say I was beaten by no less then 3 sources on the internet. I should have checked Wiki...

That's old school Vander-ranting. Well done.

Plus, that is a fucking awesome picture for your rants. I LOLed. : )

Absolutely. That pic belongs on an 1980's punk album cover.

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