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It is mine!
Serenity Crew
Serenity (Unrated) Widescreen. I grabbed the last one on the rack at the downtown target. I honestly do not know what the difference is between the (Unrated) and Regular versions. Target had both in Widescreen, and both in fullscreen (aka full frame - and this, by the way, seems like it should be widescreen, being the full frame of the movie, but alas, appears to be the full frame of a bog-standard TV). And either they ordered poorly (always a possibility), or more and more geeks are demanding widescreen, as there were a few widescreen left and at least two dozen pan&scan.

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Not quite as exciting for you, but I got Dracula with Frank Langella complete with documentary and commentary! He can bite me any day! :-)=

I always get widescreen... :) Much better that way.
The outtakes are funny - one of my favorites parts on DVD.

Bought mine this morning.

Mine. Mine mine mine mine mine. So there! : )

(Deleted comment)
No film originally shot in any flavor of widescreen should ever be released in "full" screen/frame. Pan-and-scan should be illegal. Buying pan-and-scan should be punishable by death, or at a minimum, confiscation of their DVD player and abject humiliation.

I'd be jealous, but my brilliant, awesome boyfriend brought over a copy for me last night.

...and yeah, at the very least full screen versions should come with a bright orange warning sticker that says "Only dumbasses buy fullscreen!"

Did I mention that he's really sexy, too?

Yippeee! I've been informed that ours has been ordered, and I'm betting it's in one of the boxes I'm not allowed to peek at. :) So are you actually going to open this one? ;)

I have found a use for previously spurned "fullscreen" versions of dvds...iPod videos. The little screen is very clear but very, very teeeeny. Letterboxing makes videos even teeeeenier. Finally, a reason to buy both...

: P

BTW - I have yet to see one episode or the movie. *ducks*

I'm sure I'll borrow the series from one of my sci-fi, DINK or SINK friends at some point.

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