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I am not going to go into a long-winded review here, but I will say I was somewhat disappointed in the movie, for 1 key reason. But first, a little background:
I have read books 1-3. I wanted to read GoF before I went, but I ran out of time (being Thanksgiving with family and all that). I have seen the first 2 movies.

Here it is: Much like SW Ep 3:Revenge of the Sith, I did not get a sense of the passage of time. In RotS, the only passage of time shown is Amidala's pregnancy. You don't get the sense that this war is dragging on and on. It could be days or weeks passing, or it could be months. Same with GoF. The only indication is the Holiday Dance, which is just one point in time. The rest of the movie could have happened days, weeks, or months before and after, and I just did not get a good sense of time flow. Movie starts, thing happens, thing happens, holiday ball, thing happens, thing happens, end of school.

Maybe it is the adaptation from book to screen. I will know more once I read it.

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I think it helps to have read the book. I had a sense of time flow but only because I read the book and I knew the chronological order of things happening(tm). Let me know what you think after you read it.

I saw that cup and thought of ordering it for someone

Eh. I don't imagine I will read the book. It was a good movie as movies go. Perhaps the movie was a better experience for me having not read the book.

I think SW Ep 3's problem with passage of time is Lucas' horseshit directing skills. Really, the guy can't direct and he can't write. Get over the incessant cuts here, there, over there. If it's worth visiting a scene, it's worth doing it for more than two lines of dialog. As I recall there were numerous series of scenes, on the order of a half-dozen, that whizzed by with no more than a few lines of dialog before we are wisked off to some other scene, an indeterminate time later... or is it concurrent? Who knows?! More the point, after the first few, who cares?!

I don't mean to get you down but GoF was the worst book in the series thus far. It was a kajillion pages long with tons of hooks that went nowhere. Basically it was an unedited draft that got pushed straight to publication to appease the masses. Rowling has said as much. I would not be suprised if the movie was better as they get to streamline what should have been edited anyway.

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