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Jennvanaa christened her Tempest "Freedom" and swore to wreak vengeance on the Amarr.

My non-compete expired yesterday! Yay!

And I get to see Harry Potter:Goblet of Fire today for free, during work hours.

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So what does that mean that your non-compete expired yesterday?

P.S. you'll love the movie it's great!

I was going to say that!!

It means I do not have to worry about for what company I work.

Is your boss paying for it? A work outing? How did that come about?

Annual Technology Services outing. Company is paying for movie and snacks (and of course, for all of us to be gone for the afternoon).

Have fun! (I really need to go see HP)

Hmm, I guess I'll jump on the Harry Potter train once all the passengers have unboarded. Le t me know if it's good.

You're still playing EVE?

No. That happened when you were still playing too... Cattie cooked up the Tempest and Chepe and I went a' huntin' (his missions).

Ah, it's a freedom theme, not things that happened today necessarily... :)

Color me confuzzled.

Let me know what you think of HP:GOF, I'm really tentative about that one.

Squeaky didn't like it much, she thought it ran like a checklist. It sounded like it might have been better as two movies.

I haven't seen GOF yet. I started reading the books between the first and second movies. After I had read all of the books through Order Of The Phoenix, I thought that Prizoner of Azkaban was probably going to be the very last *good* movie.

Once the books start to be about how much it truly, absolutely, completely SUCKS to be Harry Potter, I think that they're just not going to be as "entertaining". In the books, it seemed like if anyone made mistakes (especially the kind of mistakes that a teenage boy could easily make) the consequences are almost always horriffic. With so much focus on spectacular effects, and on keeping movies *family* friendly, I'm pretty aprehensive.

Congratulations! I never thought about the fact that mine expired a month ago. Not that I have any plans to return to that career, but yippee!

I like HP:GoF quite a bit, but I'm not exactly picky about my movies.

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