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Thanks for the link laffingbuddha.

If the Vatican says ID is not science... Hey, these are the people that excommunicated Galileo for saying the Earth was not the center of the solar system/galaxy/universe. I cannot fathom how they formed a positive opinion about science in less than 400 years...


From the article:
Intelligent Design is not science, and has no place in science lessons, according to the Vatican's chief astronomer, the Rev. George Coyne. According to the French news agency, ANSA, Father Coyne was speaking informally at a conference in Florence when he said that intelligent design "isn't science, even though it pretends to be."

He argued that if it is to be taught in schools, then it should be taught in religion or cultural history classes, but that it should not be on the science curriculum.

But, of course, Emperor Palpatine Pope Benedict had to open his pie hole:
Last week, Pope Benedict XVI waded indirectly into the evolution debate by saying the universe was made by an "intelligent project" and criticizing those who in the name of science say its creation was without direction or order.

I might write more later, but now I must run to my bus.

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You're welcome. I didn't know the Pope had a pie hole. Ha! Had a good laugh over that one.

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