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Omegacon pics
I only have a few posted, but here they are:


It is the Omegacon 05 sub-gallery under the Cons gallery. You don't have to look if you do not want to...

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wow that is a hot outfit that Em has on.

Hm. Your makeup is almost subtle. Not quite the "we raided mom's purse" look I had expected. I could totally drag you out if you want to get drunk and play with makeup again.

Click on the thumbnails!


I noticed you had the thumbnails up. The bigger pics are here too.

Holy Crap! Is that John McGuiness in picture 4? With the Guiness jammies?

nifty pics! purple is your color!

sadly I don't think there are any pics of my drunken Syndrome handy work : (

LOL - aren't you glad I poked you in the eyes while I was fairly sober?

It would probably be a good idea for someone to bring some makeup remover/cold cream next year - so your eyes don't get glued shut.

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