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Good times!

First, bragging time, the car got 35mpg for the trip to Siren and back. Yay Civic 5-speed!

I made the trip with mle292, which made the trip even more fun. We listed to the mixes that she created for the trip on the way up and 7thstranger's mix on the way back. Met up with lots of people I have met in passing, parties, fest or other cons, and met some new people too. Ran into one of those new people on the bus yesterday in fact. Also met someone I had run into at Fest and discovered they live a whole 2 blocks from me... Small small world.

Friday night was way too much chocolate, including some fabulous fudge/brownie/chocolate creation with Baileys. MMM. Good. Plus much drinking, including the first time I have had a B-52 (or B-156 as it were). Sleep came crashing down on me somewhere between 2 and 3 am, not really sure. I know that morning at 10 seemed pretty early... Got up, and Chris was nice enough to have setup a few cartoons for us all to watch. Also, the con got the hotel to keep the continental breakfast open to noon or 1, so I was able to get an english muffin and cereal for breakfast. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Saturday we walked the lake and played games. I stayed away from the video games, but played a good amount of cribbage and was introduced to Apples to Apples. There was also dinner (which again the con people was nice enough to go pick up and bring back!) and more of the drinking! Did I mention the drinking? More games, and then pretty pretty play time, complete with fake eyelashes, eye shadow, lip liner?, lipstick, rose toenails and chrome fingernails. Pretty pretty. Life is strange when one girl is painting your nails and another is applying makeup. Then with the more drinking. Did I mention I spent a good portion of the con in my nightshirt? Sunday was packing and more games and more coffee. No drinking. Got home and crashed.

Well, that is enough for now...

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Isn't Apples to Apples a great game?

I wanna see pictures of pretty pretty playtime!

Um. Ok. Now you're creeping me out. I really, really don't want to see pictures, just for future reference.

(Deleted comment)
Yes! I have to see this!

If he does, I might be tempted to post similar pictures of my boy.

If the link fails, go to my gallery then cons then omegacon


Coffee = icky and warm
Soda = good and cold

I think I see your problem... Coffee is supposed to be hot, not just warm ;P

yeah sure - "introduced" to Apples to Apples - I'm thinking you were a ringer and just wanted us to think you were a novice when you sat down and started winning hand after hand! ; P

Additional highlight: you, cleo and me serenading (okay make that singing rather loudly along with the CD) mle292 with "Add It Up" converting her into liking one Violent Femmes song. LOL

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