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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Fall is here!  Last night there were a few leaves in the back yard.  This morning you can hardly see the grass.  Trees are bright yellows and vibrant reds.  It is a beautiful crisp, albeit lightly raining, day. 

Took in my art today - I have 5 new pieces from AI and ICON.  Going to get them all framed the same as my other 4 pieces.  Then to arrange them all in my office.  That should be a trick.  I might just need a woman's eye to figure out the aesthetic.  Time to get my curtain shopping friend over again (yes, I had a friend help me pick out window dressings - I have known her for over a decade now)...  Good deal too, and Malibu Gallery does good work.  They were running a buy 1 get 1 free framing sale, so Bonus!

In geeky news, I hit 18 in FFXI and finished the subjob quest.  Yay me.  It looks like most of my EnB guild is going to EQ2, so looks like I will have to be another Ever-crack addict.  However, from initial reviews, it looks like EQ2 is going to be a much better game...

What else, patching my ancient HPUX 10.20 box, updating switches, waiting on a VMWare license, pretty easy day in the lab.  Except the switches...  Those were production.  IT sent me a laptop and serial cable and I had to play Firmware Update Boy for a few minutes.  Now it is all packed up and being sent to the next office for their Firmware Updates.  Cakewalk really.  3com made it very easy.

Hrm, I think that is it for now...