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So sad
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Fucking Kansas. Holy inbred redneck goat-fucking hicks, Batman.


And this quote - "This is really a sad day for Kansas school children as they will now be lied to as part of the State's official policy." from http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/12621

Thank goodness for some people in PA - they actually get it.
Edit - The summary of this story is that all the School board members who voted in ID, were voted out of the school board.

Original new on the suit-

And an update on the actual case:

Notice the ID proponents still slip up and call it creationism. Also, they have to amend the definition of science to include the supernatural. Someone else pointed out to me, their definition also includes astrology as science. Yeah, yeah, that was on my college science course list - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astrology, and Supernatural studies. Yeah. Give me a fucking break.

You want to teach ID? Go ahead. Teach it in a comparative religion class. I'll let you do that. I want you to do that. As long as you teach about Gluscabi, the Dust Dude too (Native American creationist mythscience). And the Greek stories, and the Egyptian, and others. I want this class to cover lots of religions, and lots of creation stories. Now that would be a fun class (I had a class like that, or at least one that covered that topic in college - thanks EBC!).

Like I said, teach comparative religions. Show why people believed in Greek/Roman gods and goddesses. Show the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Talk about how these religions are similar and different from Judeo-Christianity. Talk about common creation stories, common Hero stories. Talk about how many religions borrowed from each-other and usurped certain holidays. Could be fun, and hey, the kids might learn something about history.

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Let's not forget about shamanism and my personal favorites the "gnostics" direct experience of god/dess without an intermediary like a "church".

:) I thought you were overdue for a rant.

Kansas just insists on being a complete laughing stock of a state. I feel terribly sorry for the sane people who choose to make a go of living there, and doubly sorry for Kansas children. The U.S. is already slipping in science education, and our former science dominance is becoming more and more tenuous -- what the hell is it going to look like in a decade or two when the results of the intelligent design proponents (aka IDiots) efforts hit the bio R&D job market?

Thank the mythical powers that Dover gets it. Now let's see how much garbage we get to wade through in Minnesota... there's already a 300+ attendee council of pastors going on today to work on banning gay marriage here. Nevermind that you already can't get "married" in MN if you're gay, now they're going after civil unions too. I'm sure they'll move on to anti-science lobbying as well, since the same cretins who can't let gay people alone (because doing so destroys their own marriages I guess) generally don't have a clue about evolution either.

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