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Travel Bits
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
It was a little chilly in MN this morning - a balmy 35 Farenheit.  Got on the plane - fun times.  There was an un-accented flight attendant throughout the flight, until we hit Texas, then the flight attendant making the announcments either changed or dropped her accent masking...  The her ax-scent came through huge.  Welcome to Houston, y'all.  Walked off the plane to the steaming humidity and 87 Farenheit.  Little change from the 35 at  home...  

Before I left, played some video games, went to kickboxing (I try to get to kickboxing 3 times per week), stopped by a friend's place to get my Kerry/Edwards sign and some BBQ chicken and apple crisp.  Mmm-mmm good.  And a bonfire.  Nice dry tinder.  Sat and talked and watched the fire for about 1.5 hours before I had to go home and sleep so I could get up this morning.  Which I did.  At 4:05am.  Which is 15 minutes BEFORE the alarm went off.  Bah!  Wierdness.

It was gaming weekend, fun in Athas.  Then a round Space Munchkin.  Next month may be more Dark Sun, or maybe 4-color Champions. 

Back to video games.  Played a little FFXI.  I now have a 18 RDM.  In AO I have been playing a new MA (now level 10) in the new Alien expansion.  EVE-Online - still skilling up, and trying to make copious amounts of ISK to buy new skills and ships (I only have 2 Battleships, 3 Cruisers, and a handful of frigates, including an Int).  Now I need a Covert Ops and Assualt Frig.

On the non-MMORPG side, picked up SW: Battlefront.  Fun shooter.  Played through the Clone War and Galactic Civil War campaigns on Easy mode.  And was it ever easy.  I have to go back and try it at Medium.  I am not very good at shooters, so when I can go through a battle and only die once, it is way too easy (and I wouldn't have died if I had not run out of ammo and had to collect some more).

Last weekend, before all of the gaming silliness, took a ride on the bike.  Met a friend in Shakopee and headed up the back way to Lake Minnetonka.  We did a leisurely 90 miles that afternoon.  Very cool.  The trees were just beginning to change.  Still mostly green, but a few reds and yellows.

Hrm.  Closing... closing...  Oh, SciFi convention in IA this coming weekend.  Going with a few friends.  I'll write about that when I get back...