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ICon Report
ICon was absolutely fabu.

I saw lots of people I hadn't seen since DemiCon and AI, and lots of people I saw in the last month too! The only programming I made it to was Masquerade, so I cannot comment on that. I spent copious amounts of time in D&J's kareoke parties and made it for the Tea Party as well, and even managed to sing out a horrid rendition of "Tainted Love." But I wasn't leaving my spot on the bed Saturday night... In the various parties, I met an artist named Karen, she seemed pretty nice. Then there was the party I missed - a game party, for some unknown value of game - A lovely young lady named Courtney and her geisha friend Sarah gave me a cute little spider token (spider painted on glass) and invited me over, but I didn't get there until midnight, and they were closing the door. Perhaps someone reading this can point me in the direction of this Courtney such that I can ask her why the party ended so early.

The art in artshow was very good, and I had to keep repeating "I will not buy art." There was a very nice auction piece, and glittergodzilla had a new piece as well. Also, I made my savings throw in Dealers, and made it out with only a $35 purchase (which I actually feel good about, since retail is $40).

Other highlights -
theatre_nerd in her Oriental dress and 7" heals. Oh my.
Prop Tart singing "I Touch Myself". Everyone in the room must now scrub their brain - I know what you were thinking.
24 hour hot tub. Pancakes at Perkins at 3:30am. Going to sleep at 5am. Wondering at what point did housekeeping slipped the little bit of paper under the door saying "we didn't clean your room since it was 'Do Not Disturb.'"

Courtney/Sarah details, for those so inclined to dig. Sarah had jewelry in Dealers. I have seen her before. Courtney was about my height, and wearing a tasty wine vinyl dress.
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Thanks for the artist plug!

I just thought of some things to add to my list of highlights. :-)

I am glad the hotel actually respected the "Do Not Disturb" sign. They clean your room anyway at CONvergence. Asshats!


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