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Almost got run-over this morning
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On the way to the bus stop. I was in the properly marked crosswalk. There are signs for said crosswalk. I was wearing a white hat. No traffic from the left, SUV from the right was well over a block away. I crossed in the crosswalk, and moved at my normal walking pace, which is actually pretty fast. Bitch in the SUV actually honked at me, as I must have forced her to slow down in order to avoid hitting me. Did I mention I was in the crosswalk? The Ped-X'ing? Obviously she does not work downtown. Grrr.

But I am much better now :)

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Some people think they own the road!

Whew. Glad they missed. I hates people likes that yes, precious.

That shit happens all the damn time.

Douche-bags in SUVs from the god damn burbs, thinking that they own the roads.

Assholes. all of 'em.

I had a student at school hit by a car this week too. The front bumper actually rubbed his knees and low thighs and left rub burns. Literally millimeters away from bones. Oh course his responce was to say to the drive "Why did you almost hit me?" and then smacked the hood of her care. Oh yeah this kid is 4 years old too. Hope all is well. I am going to see Melina this weekend at the anime con in San Fran. Girls gone wild.

I might have mentioned once or twice that seeing people do that is guaranteed to instantly piss me off. I'm so tempted to follow them all the way home, flashing my brights and honking at them, just to show them what assholes they are.

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