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Another day, another trip scheduled
beer, meetmeme, Backyard

In town this week, running errands most of the time.  I have to get a pile of things done before I am out to Houston next week.  Then today I find I may go to KC instead?  WTF?  This is the problem with having central scheduling.  Ok, this person can do this and this, where should they go this week?  Bah.

Good weekend...  Had a nice bike ride, now my bike is 500 miles past when I should have had it in for maintenance, so I get to leave early today to get it in so it can stay nicely tuned.  Took a long ride a few weeks ago - a 500 mile round trip.  Great ride, except for the Thunderstorm I drove through - that sucked huge.  The drive back was much better, sunny and low 70s. 

Last night I picked up Star Wars: Battlefront.  Good game.  Played a little too late last night and now I need some more sleep.  If I can just make it through kickboxing tonight then I can sleep...