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Car Fun
I was at a friend's apartment attempting to make her d-link router/wireless thing work with Comcast and the iBook. After some surfing (mac directly attached to the cable modem - bad, I know), I found the FAQ on d-link's site, followed the instructions and the d-link got its dhcp-assigned address and life was good. She even cooked me dinner. After dessert, she thought I should go put a visitor tag on my car. I wondered why, since I had not seen a restricted parking sign in the lot. Well, that is because there is NOT a restricted parking sign in the lot, it is a sign that is above the mailboxes inside the apartment. So, if you don't know, and you don't read the sign above the mailboxes (why the fuck would I, I don't live there, and their mailboxes don't interest me), you don't know. Well, the residents are supposed to know I suppose. So, Had to go off the Bryn Mawr towing/wrecking/gas station with $200 _cash_ (no check, no plastic). To deal with the bitch who works there (I had a mantra directed towards the workers there - "it is not there fault" repeat until I do not feel the need to clock one of them). Their ATM doesn't work. Have to walk the block down to the market where there is a functional ATM. The girl payed. I offered to pay, I offered to split it. Got my car, went home. Angry. Pulled all the crap out from under the carpet that was elevating it to dry. Pulled the trim to get the carpet back in place. Got it mostly resembling something normal again. Mostly.

Out of all of it, you know what pissed me off the most? I wasn't even there for two hours before it was towed. And there was plenty of parking. Whoever called it in - you are a fucking asshat, and I hope you get your own car impounded and you are stranded and you get fucked by not having your car. Fuck you. And the shit colored horse you rode in on.

But I'm much better now.

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Some people have way to much time on their hands!

Can't you dispute that or something? Like, "There should be a fucking sign, you asshats?" That's how stupid laws get made, like the ones on tinsel that say you shouldn't feed it to children, and such.

The lawsuit -- it's the American way.

I'd be sending the apartment management a nastygram. That sort of shit needs to be promenently posted, in the lot. Hiding the sign someplace a visitor has no business even examining isn't cool. Point out that collusion and predatory policies with towing companies has gotten some really bad play in CA lately. Threaten to lawyer up.

sorry about the car

So is the bike fixed? How is the weather there? We are getting cooler, perfect weather for riding up in the mountains. Some time you should visit and go for a ride in the mountains in the fall. Miss you much.

Yeah. ISU's lovely Demonic Parking "Services" folks have made a lot of money off me recently. Sounds like you had extra-special "help" (and with help like that who needs enemies?).

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