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Me and my motorbike
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The sport bike muffler fell off near Jordan and was subsequently crushed by a truck. I have already told that part of the story. What I didn't say was it was part of an after-market exhaust system that costs somewhere around $600. The manufacturer does not sell it piecemeal, you have to buy the whole damn thing. I only need the mid-pipe and muffler. So the shop where I took it ordered a simple, inexpensive slip on for the bike, which fit great, and sounded really good. For 26 miles. Mile 26 the new muffler hit the pavement. Fortunately, this was only about 5 miles from my house, so a couple of rounds driving around and looping on the highway and it was recovered. Scratched, but in one piece. The only damage was the intake, which needs to be reshaped from the current oval back to the original circle. Grrr!

26 miles. 26. FFS!

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Smell the incompetence. That does suck.

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