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Sleep update
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So, I looked over my mail from BCBS, and noticed that should the clinic charge me, and not just accept what BCBS paid, I will end up owing somewhere between $500-800 for my sleep study. So I called BCBS and asked, "Um, why isn't this covered?" The android on the other end of the phone told me it was one of those items that falls under the 80/20 rule. Great. I could have purchased much Tylonal PM for that much money. I did get to the Dentist/Doctor that is covered by my PPO and talked about the oral device to treat sleep apnea, and we talked about the success rate, the potential side effects, and the process of getting it fitted. Fortunately her admin is well versed in insurance bullshit and filed for a pre-approval, citing the referral from the sleep clinic. She is supposed to call and let me know the costs involved. In the same call to BCBS mentioned before, I asked how much the mouthguard would cost me, and she couldn't tell me since she didn't have a HIC number, or some such. WTF? I need to know the gorram SKU for something I don't have yet? How the fuck would I know that?! So I try to call the Dentist/Doctor this morning and their line is busy. More of the waiting. I hate waiting. I hate dealing with insurance. So this combination makes me extra cranky.
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I liked your newsletter rants much more.

Yes well, not everyone would get the GFBG reference. I think they would get the meaning tho...

I hope it ends up in your favor. I'm excited to be getting insurance finally through J's job!

Yargh! I had to check something in the formulary the other day, now i hope the information matches. Hope this all works out for you.

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