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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Lets see, Friday night was out for Indian food, UFC (Live), dvr'd Rome in HD, and Bill Maher, and lots of good discussion (good discussion is always part of Friday night). A good night.

Saturday I got up and worked out. Then helped K with her new toys - we went to the Apple Store and she bought a new iPod to go with her new iBook. Then to Microcenter for a router/wireless device for her new broadband connection. Got it all setup and ready to go. Sounds like it is all good now, with maybe the exception being a little bit of wireless twitchiness. Not sure what the issue is there, really, since we had it working before.

Saturday night was davedujour's housewarming party with mle292, and there was much fun geeky discussion. There were many people there, and I actually knew about half of them. I had much fun!

Sunday was a surprise wake-up, then back to bed for a while, then off to go shoot (or miss, in my case) clay pigeons at the Gun Club. I had a very good time, despite a lackluster trap shooting performance. We had 6 people, 3 shotguns, and two rounds each, so it was a pretty good time, and the weather was pretty good for us. Thanks to lthomas987 for providing guns and shells as well as ear protection.

Sunday afternoon I was out and about with toadnae, who was also shooting, and after kickboxing zannd stopped by with a load of wood (he was also shooting). We had a nice chat after unloading the wood. Then I was on the phone for a couple of hours, then finally sleep took over and I crashed hard for a blissful 6 hours of sleepy time.

This morning came way to early. So early in fact that I missed my bus (by about 1 minute). So I hung out at the stop for another 15 waiting for the next bus. Now, I was running late, but the bus had not been on-time for 2-3 weeks in a row. So, the one day I am not there waiting 12 minutes before it shows (10 minutes late), it is on time. Figures.

I am just now back from a nice walk with my coworker and I am about to head out to lunch, then I will be back and posting some ranty goodness.

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Wow...that brought back memories. I remember as a little girl going with my big bad gun shooting daddy to the gun club where I would plug my ears as he shot clay pigeons. He might miss one on a bad day. That would have been fun to watch. I wouldn't have the upper arm strength or coordination to do it well.

I have plenty of upper-arm/upper-body strength. It didn't seem to help... Fortunately LT was thinking ahead and in addition to guns and shells brought earplugs too!

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