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Hey, Rain Gods
Hey rain gods, fuck you. We needed rain, not that much.

So, after being up until 1am ripping up carpet and keeping it up on garbage cans (thanks for the tip lthomas987) and attempted the minimize the standing water in the rec room, I discovered it kept coming in (note that I did not realize there was even water in the house until 10:30). Then I found the entertainment room edges (by the tool closet) were also getting wet. Surrendering to my overriding desire to sleep, i went to bed. Got up, emailed in, cancelled meetings. back to sleep. Got up, ran to Home Depot, and have already dumped out load number 1 from the 5hp, 12gallon wet/dry vac. Sweating like I just finished kickboxing.

Now i realize i need an angry icon...

Oh, and it is ground water. Which I discovered about 3 years ago is not covered by insurance. At least not my policy. The crew that cleaned up that mess said it probably wouldn't happen again for at least 10 years. Maybe they were counting since the last time it might have happened. Or, on the positive side, I might have 17 years of luck... Probably not. Karma hit me hard on this one. I was feeling pretty good about my house...

Back to work.

EDIT: Update- Vaccuum round three was not that effective, but it did get a little more water up. I am thinking that it may be all I get out with the wet/dry vac. I now have two fans running in each room, many thanks to jschmidt for loaning me two good box fans to help out.

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Eww! You handled it well though. Not sure what I would have done had that happened to me. Hope the situation improves. I hope it can be repaired and that a new house is not in order.

Yikes! I'm sorry. Hang in there. I was saving this as a surprise but I am planning on baking cookies for you tonight, you need something to look forward to.

Ooh! Does that mean you will be delivering them too? :)

If you'd like, absolutely! I'll call you later. Have a nice workout!

You SO have my sympathies, since I was doing the same thing last night. We only have a six gallon wet/dry vac, but we emptied it several times. I don't think ours is ground water - though some of it could be. Most seems to have come in around the windows because the window wells filled with water.

Sometimes being a homeowner sucks. This is one of those times.

Ok, second round done. This time I was able to get both rooms before filling up the vac. I guess that pretty much means I have up what it can do. I am going to go to the gym now and vent some frustration and sweat in a way that does not involve slogging through watery carpet.

You might need drain tile cut in, which will solve the problem forever.

Of course, you know someone who has all sorts of mad skilz and experience with such menial tasks.

Feel free to ask for help, of course.

And I wanted to add... just for clarification.

I can help rip up carpet and reinstall stuff. I've got no experience with cutting in drain tile and I think I'd like to be able to say that for the rest of my life - I can recommend contractors for such a thing, though.

It starts with about ten solid hours of jackhammering the inside perimiter of a basement.

I had a waterfall coming down through my basement window as the gutters clogged and funneled 1/2 a roof worth of water into a window well. My window looked like it was an aquarium. I ran out and rented a steamcleaner from Rainbow foods to suck up the waterand was at it til about 1 am myself. Bleh. I sypathize man.

Do you have clay soil around your house? One of the great things about my area is it's sandy and the water normally drains away just fine. Maybe it is sump pump time for you.

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