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Monday Morning
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Not as nice as Sunday morning. The bus was a little late, but no big deal. Still got to my cube by 7:35. Caught up on email and checked on my updated Oracle instance definitions. Yep, it is there. Yay!

Wandered down to Starbucks and they had my latte ready for me before they even punched it into the register. Ahhh. Now 15 minutes before the first meeting of the day,

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Serenity was great. Glad you had a good weekend. Hope you are getting more sleep. Perhaps fewer lattes would help you sleep more. I just wanted to tell you that I do love you and you are a wonderful friend. I know if I needed you to help me out in any way I could count on you. I agree things need to be said more often- so there.

love ya krisy

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