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I have talked to a few girls, told them how I feel, and been shot down. I think that is about to happen again.

On a happier note, there are other people that I have talked to that have been very positive and receptive, so that is a good thing.

I was having a semantics discussion about this with a friend. She said 50% should be often. I say sometimes. I think "often" implies better than half of the time. That could just be me.

I think i just cross-posted this on LJ. :)

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On an even happier note....


And I will be seeing it in less than 4 hours!

Just two cents worth.

Here's my thoughts, maybe not relevant - I don't know.

I think it's better to get the "shot down" out of the way so that you know to move on all the sooner. There's nothing really lost if someone says "what you want isn't what I want", it's the same as it always was - just a much shorter time trying to guess.

I think often can be anywhere from 40-60%. I would say frequently to be 50%. I think often is generally used in reference to some somewhat arbitrary standard. to say that I often have nausea in the morning is based on the fact that I didn't used to at all, and now it a semi-regular event. (esp. since a more accurate word would be always in this situation)

about the getting shot down, well, attraction is such a weird thing, and so hard not to take personally. for me, when I don't like a person, it is rarely because I dislike a person, but that's a really weird and hard thing to express without using all the wrong words. hugs to you, and major kudos for talking to them in the first place, and then continuing to try after the first one. it's hard.

my god it was hard getting used to rejection!

but you know--i've survived all of them--however many there were--after a while i lost count. and i've gotten a lot of yesses that i never would have had if i hadn't asked so it's certainly worth asking. people worth your time will be flattered--the rest...well now you know they weren't worth your time.


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