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Not a rant.
I know, you are all disappointed that I am not all ranty today.

I will say one thing tho, just to get it out of my system - If you are in Marketing, perhaps you should ask the Technology people if something is possible to do within 3 days before you spend over a quarter million dollars. Just Sayin'. This situation, surprisingly enough, caused me hours of work this week. Now, that is exactly why I am here, but still, come on. Three days? Heeeelllloooooo? Three weeks and we might have been able to pull it off. Maybe. Most teams involved said if they had two months it would not be a problem. But seeing as the decision point was 11 hours before go time, we did not have time to rebuild an alternate infrastructure. Nor time to contract to outsource the delivery.

Ok, that is out of the way, see, not that ranty at all. I didn't even mention that asshat DeLay was finally indicted. Oops. I just cannot stop. And rather than Shut the Hell Up, he decides to pretend it is a personal/political vendetta, not a legitimate, you broke the law. Just like when judges uphold the law as it is written, and they call them activist judges. oh wait, getting ranty.... Just because congress wouldn't know how to write a good law without more pork than a corporate pig farm.

Deep breath.

So, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time taking tests on OK Cupid. What a time sink. But that is ok, it is not like a can sleep anyway. Speaking of which, I had my followup - see a couple posts ago - and I have made my appointment to get the mouth guard thingy in a week. So, I get molds taken next Friday, then wait, then they come in, then I go back in, adjust, and have a 70% chance of better sleep. We shall see. At least this Doctor did not tell me to lose any more weight, and also did not see a need to increase my level of exercise (which is good, because 1 hour/6 days a week is pretty much all the time I can spend).

I just finished Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek. It is a pretty decent book, funny, and a quick read. Now I am reading Chris Moore's "The Stupidest Angel." I really like riding the express bus every workday. I get to read so many more books than I would normally get in. I also just picked up "Anansi Boys", which is either a continuation of "American Gods" or at least set in the same world.

I am caffeinated, so it must be time to go get & consume more water.

"Lad I don't know where been, but I see you won first prize!"
-taken from "The Scotsman"