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Sleep Study
Little Bear

Sleep study was a while ago, and I finally got to talk to the doctor about the results. Yep, as suspected, i have minor sleep apnea. The stop breathing times averages to 7 per hour, 5 is considered normal. However, the shallow breathing combined with the stopped brings it up to 29/hour which is twice the normal 15/hour. But we discovered I can go to sleep during the day pretty much on demand. I took four naps the following day. The average time to fall asleep once the lights were out? 3.3 minutes. Best time was my 11:15 nap, 2 minutes. 1. 2. Sleep. I thought that was good. Apparently it is bad. And it has a name. Hypersomnia (http://my.webmd.com/content/article/105/107671.htm). It seems to be related, or have a causal relationship with sleep disorder (really, wow, being tired during the day related to sleep? Brilliant!)

So, in order to avoid the machine (CPAP), I am going with the mouth guard that forces the lower jaw to "jut out" a bit and hold the mouth open a little. 70% of fixing the apnea. after that is the machine 90% fixing apnea (well 100%, but 10% of people cannot "get used to it").

Once I try the guard for a while (4 months), I will re-evaluate and possibly do another sleep study. If I am still having issues, we go to the CPAP. Now, interestingly enough, the Doctor is not entirely convinced that the level of apnea is the reason for the Hypersomnia. So, he is taking out the variables. If we can get to "normal" sleep, and the hypersomnia goes away, cool. If not, then we have one less thing to worry about and something new to work on. Joy. It could take 8 months to get to the point of knowing.

However severe my hypersomnia appears to be, i do not get affected when I am physically engaged in activity, or active with other people. But sitting in my little cube, all caffeined up, even with good angry music pumped into my ears, I just do head nods.

Perhaps the best news was the non-news. He did not ask me to start taking drugs. Yay for no drugs. The last thing i need is to be a juicer and go from sleeping pills at night to wakey-wakey pills in the morning.

I like the pamphlet. "Use your bedroom only for sleep, sex, and times of illness."


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Wooo for no drugs! I know that was worrying you. I hope the mouthguard helps!

I am pretty happy about the no drugs!

Thank you so much for the music :) :) :)

<---- zoooom

Have you tried a lamp with a full-spectrum bulb in your cube? From what you've said, you are mostly getting enough sleep. Certainly you're getting enough exercise. Could be your brain thinks you are sitting in a quiet, dark cave - perfect for a nap. Unless you are lucky enough to have a window, of course. Most offices use plain florescent bulbs that have lots of blue and not enough yellow light. Might not be the problem, but it is a cheap solution to test.

Here's to hoping the mouth guard works and the sandman comes only at night.

Wow...that would be 4 people I know with that thing! Unless I am really worried, I tend to sleep a lot. Anytime and all the time. I hope the mouth guard works and that you don't have to go the drug route. No caffeine for me today. So far, it's working. Shouldn't be up doing *ahem* things at odd hours.

I've been told that most people (myself included) have really bad sleep habits. Your body apparently needs time to destress and "power down" and most people don't do that very well. Goddess knows I work too hard late at night, so...

But it is good to hear that you don't have to do CPAP or drugs.

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull advice out of a hat!

If it were almost anyone but you, I'd sugguest getting better exercise but somehow I suspect that's not the problem. Ummm... Green Tea!? Get up and stretch out for a few minutes!? Stand on your head and whistle?! Okay, none of those are probably any good other than for wasting time.

It sounds like an amazing hassle for you. Hopefully, it's solved now.

Sleep apnea or not, that last part is a good bit of advice. In my next job as a fortune cookie insert writer, I'm including some that say "Use your bedroom only for sleep, sex, and times of illness".

a mouth guard-- fun

Well your results are interesting hopr the mouth thing works.

Just remember use your room for sleep and illness.

Your a creative guy I'm sure you can use a different room for the last thing.

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