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AI Con Report
In Brief:
It was good.

Friday. Get up late, L arrives to carpool down to Des Moines. Uneventful drive down to Iowa. Stop at badger2305's place to drop L and have a nice steak dinner with salad and vegies, brownies and ice-cream. Mmmm. Home cooking right before the con, always a good thing. Continue on to Des Moines. Arrive, meet up with onecheshire and lthomas987 in the bridge. Find toadnae in Dealer's. Abuse her absolute power to get in late, and later to bypass the line. Oh, the power. Talk to many people. Run into animeangel outside consuite. She looks like she is going to pass out. Talk to her for a bit and let her hang out and wait for friends. Hope she got some sleep soon after. Sign up for Rangers. Done and done, head to the dance and to a room party or two. Have a couple of Drinks, hang out until 3:30.

Saturday, wake up around, um, 11? Wander around the con, talk to lots of people. Demo FMA-TCG with Jeremy. Take lots of pics. Buy several boxes of pocky and various coffees. 5:45, back on bridge for Cosplay line-up prep. Go over plan, then deploy. A girl waiting in line hyperextends her knee. Call it in, send her friends for ice. EMT arrives, sends her friends for more ice. She apparently gets better once her friends are booted out of the medical area. Line goes well for Cosplay, but their is minor unrest as technical difficulties halt loading for a while. Once we are back on track for seating people, all goes well, no incidents in line and all are well-behaved. Cosplay is much fun, and it unloads very quickly. Once the people disperse, back to normal ranging activities. I am sure someone else will post on that later. Sleep at 3:30, after waking A 4 times in public areas.

Sunday, get up at 10. Look at check out time, see it is noon, back to sleep until 11. Get up (really this time). Coffee. Blech. Hotel coffee sucks. Pack, move everything to car. Check out. Hit consuite for coffee and ramen. Head to the bridge to see if I can help. Ranger duty for a bit. Check on art, did not win any, that is ok, I really did not need to spend the money. Turn in volunteer hours and get the t-shirt. Turn in gear and hit the road. Pick up L and have cake, ice-cream, and more coffee. A uneventful ride North. Good conversation, and back home by 9:15. All the good restaurants appear to be closed. Perkins it is for breakfast food for me. A salad for L. We bail shortly after the post-Fest Feast drunk guy starts talking to us. Note to self - booth walls should be higher. Sleep evades me until 1am, then a grab it and hold until...

Monday, wake up at 11am. Ahhhh. Call my trainer, move my appointment up a few hours. She is so nice to do that for me! Watch the rest of Wonderfalls, then hit the gym (some of you can see that post). Get home, play video games and watch more TV, do laundry.

I had a great time at AI. I said it last year, but this time i mean it, sometime, I will get to some programming...

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That is what I said at CONvergence. Heh. Maybe next year. I did go to one panel at DemiCon. I am getting better! Glad you got the chance to volunteer. Yea t-shirts! Hmmm... ICON is getting closer and closer.

Yes, yes it is. I am looking forward to ICon. I have my hotel for it, now I just need to officially register. I was looking for a Register for ICon table at AI, but I must have missed it.

Were you cosplaying at AI? I saw that you were a friend of my sister (starofkaos) and went to AI so I thought I would drop in to say hi.

Hiya! I was actually doing the Ranger thing during Cosplay. I lack talent for sewing, so cosplay is sort of out of my reach....

I was chun li, chii, kogome

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