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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
What a good weekend to be here and not where Bush and Company are fucking around with more concern about their image than millions of people suffering and thousands dying. Good to see their priorities never waiver. I read an excerpt from an interview that said all of the gear that was at the presidential photo-op at the levee was gone the next day, and only one piece of equipment was left. How badly do you have to fuck up to get impeached these day? Clinton lied about a blowjob and the GOP was screaming and brought impeachment proceedings. Bush lies about WMDs, lies about terrorists, invades and occupies a country not involved in the 9/11 attacks, completely fucks up a national disaster response for which we had two days of warning... Gah! And where is big bad Dick? Did he have 1 grandslam too many and finally kick it? Are they putting him in cryo to only roll his lame ass out at the right moment, like they did with Strom?

My weekend, on the other hand, was devoid of news. Saturday was gaming and meta-mmo discussions. And pizza. And making fun of the one guy who did not make it :)

Sunday. Met up with badger2305 then kickboxing, then the improv and late night breakfast & coffee at the diner with mle292.

Monday. Labor Day. Ren Fest with a non-LJ person. Yes, they do exist. Surprising, I know. Made it to Folk Underground. It is the third or fourth (?) time I have seen them. Thought it was time to purchase the CD. I also picked up a leather mug and sporan. I went into every leather shop. Twice. Ahh, the smell of leather. *grin* you know what I am talking about... Saw Villification Tennis. I never get enough of that. Also saw a couple of magic/comedy/juggling acts. And jousting. Sir Joseph needs a new mic.
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Much more active than my weekend. But I am just fine with making my ass one with the couch. :-)

Who the hell drinks *diet* IBC?

The late night coffee and conversation was really awesome - thanks!

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