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Sleep Study
Little Bear
Just got back a bit ago from the sleep clinic. I spent an extremely restless night hooked up to untold numbers of electrodes, two sensors invading my nostrils, and a pulse/oxygen sensor.

None of the hookups are painful, not even the tape/glue removal. mildly annoying though. Nothing like having more cables than the back of my PC connected and draped over your shoulder everywhere you go. But they mostly do not get in the way of sleeping.

The [good|bad] news - they did not hook me up to the apnea machine overnight. I am not sure that rules it out or not.

Then they kept me until around 4:00pm. I had the whole day to take naps. Up for 1:30, down for a 20 minute nap. Repeat. Again. and Again. I was bored. Many thanks to wiredferret for the heads up and to bring reading material. I finished my book (Harry Potter #3, yeah, I am a little behind). I also managed to watch 4 Dr. Who episodes on my PSP. And read an issue of Scrye.

Now the waiting. My follow up with the Doc is not until late September.

The "old" questionnaire seems to have one of two purposes - either proving you sleep for crap because you are depressed, or proving that you are no longer depressed because you are getting better sleep. The "new" questionnaire is much more about actual sleeping and likeliness of falling asleep in certain situations.

I should be much more awake than I am, but after a day of nothing but lounging and napping, I am slightly tired. But I am going to override any feelings like that and hit the gym for a hardcore metabolic workout in about an hour.

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I hope these tests aren't costing you a whole lot of $$$! It will be interesting to see what the results are.

If it's any consolation, my appointment with my doc went well - apparently my cholesterol is much better than it had been. Huh.

I'd say you should get some sleep, but maybe you should get some not-sleep.

Yes, how expensive are these tests. I would like to know why I never sleep.

Good luck and whatnot with the results. Let's hope it's not cancer, t'would be bad.

Well, glad to hear that you survived!

Glad things went OK. Now the waiting....

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