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Back from Houston
I am back, safe and sound.

The good - BMC knows how to put together a briefing. Transportation, hotel, fantastic food, great content filled with useful information. Plenty of coffee and sugar.

We, on the other hand, had sucktastic travel. Arrived at the airport just fine. Got my boarding pass for my flights (to Houston via Atlanta, yes Delta Airlines). Middle seat. Ok, far from ideal, but it is the first time I have been on Delta, so what can you do. Storms roll in and we are delayed. I am sitting between two large, grumpy men. My shoulders complained endlessly as I was contorted between the giant beasts of bitching. I plugged myself into my PSP and watched RHPS (just not the same feel as being there) and an episode of Dr Who. Arriving in Atlanta late, we found that we missed our connection. I stretched a bit and we headed down to the rebooking area. They had us on a 9pm flight out (it was 1:30p). Changed that up and got an aisle seat on the 4:30 flight. Went to Fridays for lunch, then waited until the flight. That one was mostly on time, except some circling around Houston. The car was waiting for us, and off to the hotel...

Then the briefing...

The trip back - left the briefing center at 3:15ish. Arrived Houston International Delta terminal (tickets are issued by Delta). Get to the counter (the magic machines rejected us and sent us to a human). She grumped that we were at the wrong terminal, since the flight was actually a Continental Express, but then said it was just as well since the flight to Cincinnati was delayed and we would miss our connection back to MN anyway. So she rebooked us on a Continental flight direct to MN at 9:05. Did I mention it is around 4:30?

Since we were rebooked, we had to go to the Continental desk (in another terminal) and then get boarding passes. Stood in another line, they looked at us funny, and asked why we were changing the flights. I explained the Delta people told us the connection was going to miss, so they rebooked us. The Continental people said, that is weird, it shows your flight is on time, but now you are no longer on it. Ok. So it is a direct flight, and they do not want to mess it up even more, so, what the heck. We get boarding passes for the 9:05 to MN, and go through security. Since we have jumped airlines, we get the dreaded SSSS on the passes for anal probe security check. After wanding and pat-down, it is now after 5pm. Still have time to kill. Off to a sit down dinner including a drink. Ahhh. Ok, now to the gate. Once we had seats in the gate area the waiting began. 8:45 rolls around, and it looks like it about time to board. No announcement. 9:05 passes. No announcement. 9:15 and people start assaulting the desk. Announcement! Plane is here, no crew. 10:00pm. Crew arrives, we board the plane. Announcement! No captain, just flight attendant and co-pilot. 10:15 Captain found, rerouting her to the plane! 10:30 Issues, she will not be here, another captain is found, from the Mexico City flight! Yay! Should be half an hour before he clears customs to get on this plane. 11:00ish we take off. Did I mention we were at the airport about 7 hours ago? 1:41am, on the ground. 2:30am home again home again. 9:30 awake. sort of. 10:30 crawl out of bed.

Still i little tired, even after 3 cups of coffee.

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What a nightmare! Glad you're home safe and not sleeping in a terminal somewhere. :-)

Forgot about 1 thing. Flight from Atlanta to Houston - 9 year old german kid traveling with Mom and little brother. Mom and younger sibling are ahead of me, the 9 year old is next to me. I fell asleep reading during take off and woke up about 20-30 minute later. He had his arm over mine and had fallen asleep with head on my arm/shoulder. I never thought I would prefer having a child next to me, but after the oversize grumblers, this was a welcome change. The woman in the window seat got his mom to give us his sweatshirt and we tucked it under his head and shoulder for a little neck support, and he did not even notice. He slept the entire flight to Houston.

Glad you're back and your trip went well.

Glad to see you got home safe :)

Glad you are home safe and sound??? (are you ever really sound)

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