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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I got a new tattoo. And not some midget to announce the plane arrival. Actually my first tattoo.


Doug Hardy at Inklab made it permanent yesterday afternoon...

Nice work. In our banter, I asked why tattoos were addictive. His answer? All the heroin we mix with the ink... I like this guy.

I did not hurt *that* much. :)

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SWEET! Nice size...good choice!

As I said earlier, he did a *really* nice job on it. It's very clear. It is *so* you. When I mentioned it to LT, she asked if you would want it when you were 70. I pointed out that you probably would! :D

Who said anything about living that long? :)

nobody who works out as much as you will die sooner I suspect, unless it's to the organ donating motor cycle accident type activites.

An excelent choice. You are getting to be too cool to work down town.

The big question is.... can I lick it?

I applaude thee.

Weird thing is..I just bought a shirt with that on it. How's that for weirdness.

Now I've got the itch to get my tatoo again.


You're a strange one, Mr. Grinch.

And for your right shoulder, a giant d20.

"And for your right shoulder, a giant d20."


UR the coolest geek on the block.

it looks shiny and sore but i'm sure i will admire it when it looks less like welts ;-) !!

I really like the tat. Shiney.

You should get your family crest or somthin' too.

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