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DemiCon Report
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Ten hours of sleep, three cups of coffee, and I am still tired. Going to work out soon, then maybe I will wake up.

Back from the workout...

OK. So, the drive down was completely uneventful, even though I made merciless fun of toadnae's car. I really should not have, since she had the decency to drive me down and back. We met lthomas987 and kalmn at the BBQ place in Ames. We had a big dinner and yummy sundaes for desert. Then the last little bit into Des Moines.

Checked in, unloaded the car, picked up reg badges, just in time for opening ceremonies. Tadao was there, and was pretty funny. Then there was the Kill Bill Shatner Volume 2 play, which was rather entertaining. After opening, it was time to meet up with people and wander around the con. Met up with theatre_nerd, whom I missed at Convergence. Then more wandering and trying to figure out what was going on and plan out Saturday (which panels to visit, etc.). Now, you don't ever really stick to your plan, even if you could remember it, because soon thereafter, you are in the Con Suite getting munchies and starting to drink. Heavily. A few trips to my room to introduce people to Starbucks coffee liqueur, and the Silver Oaks Cab, and soon the coffee liqueur was gone and so was i. But that really did not stop me, since the bar had coffee liqueur and irish cream, of which i partook. Heavily. and polished off a bottle of wine. Some flirting and sitting on laps followed, and then the singing. Karaoke. I suck, but I was drunk, so my ineptitude of the singing didn't stop me from doing three songs. One with two other guys, 1 solo, and 1 with one other person. The next night was better, but I will get to that in its proper time. Following karaoke, there was more recreation followed by sleep at 5:30 or so.

Slept til almost 10am, then back at it. Lots of water, more water, coffee, more coffee, and yet more coffee, some time soaking in the hot tub, and I was ready to face the world. I was in the kilt. I few girls made sure that I was regimental (always appreciated!). There was flirting, talking, wandering, sandwiches, napping, tea party, lounging, hot tub, dinner, more lounging and fun. Then with the more drinking. The actors of Trans-Iowa Canal Company put on another play, this time in the vein of HGttG meets amazon women on the moon. Arthur and Ford find themselves moving from tv show to tv show, and it was pretty darn funny. Then was the more drinking. Again. And then karaoke, including a much less drunk me doing Add it Up by the Violent Femmes. I actually got compliments on that. Also picked up a few compliments on the calves and biceps, so hugged my trainer today. I also hit 205lbs on the decline bench press, a personal best, so I am pretty darn happy. But back to Saturday night (Sunday AM for you purists). Found myself wandering downtown Des Moines around 3:30. That is a desolate place at that time. Sometime between 4:00 and 4:30 I crawled into bed.

Waking up around 10:30 or 11:00, i showered, had some water, and went down to breakfast, and ran into zannd, which is funny, because we end up at breakfast together quite often when at Cons. Ate much food, slowly, until around noon, then he helped me pack up my stuff and haul it out the the car. Checked out, wandered around, picked up some stuff off the freebie table and ended up on a panel about Anime Iowa. Which was cool. Talked some more to animeangel, who was not in costume, which I think is the first time I have seen her in street clothes. Then the drive back. Glad I wasn't driving, because I was out for a while. Got home, unpacked, and crashed into bed before 10.

Well, time to go back to work.

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I was in the kilt. I few girls made sure that I was regimental (always appreciated!).

*g* so noted!

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