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Decision Made
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Most of you frequent readers know that I have been agonizing over this job offer. Well, no more talking about it. I am staying a cog in the corporate machine, and taking care of my health. Because if you don't have your health....

It took two points, really. How is my health. Well, last check when I gave blood was a new record low for Blood Pressure - 112/70, with a pulse of 56. Yes!!!! And I made a friend play therapist for me. Am I happier now. Yes. I think so. Others think so. I think that is it. Money is nice, but is your life worth a dollar figure? Uh-oh. Now I just got a call from the CEO. Hard Sell time.

Anywho, enough on that.

I had a great weekend. Several new weights/reps were achieved on Saturday, and I was in a bloody huge kickboxing class on Sunday, and I think I really upped my level on a couple of the basic kicks. My landings and moving into the next kick/punch from a hopping/lunging sidekick is getting much better. On the lifting side, I increased the weight of the rows and increased the reps on my personal best chest press - 185lbs. I can now, without assistance, do 2x5 at that weight, and in fact completed 2x5 or better of all the weights I was at on Saturday. Tonight is going to hurt when we bump all of those weights.

And Saturday I attended a very nice house-warming party. Many people there that I knew, and a few that I did not. I was overheated and undernourished so the wine hit me hard, and it was after 1am before I could drive. But I managed to have a good time, and had switched to water by the time I spilled my drink. Fortunately, some very nice people made sure to clean up after me.

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you should have eaten more chili!

Glad to hear that you've made your decision, and it doesn't mean you'll be away much of the time (in a purely selfish vein). You spilled some water, it wasn't that big of a deal :)

btw (i'm now actually reading this on my friends page--i did a quick check when i got home) it was fun getting a chance to hang out a little with you and talk ;-) !

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