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Overheard, downtown
[in a youngish male whining voice]
I know I promised my friends a housewarming party at my new place, but my cleaning lady is on vacation for two weeks, and they will make a mess.

Boofuckingwoo... with that attitude, maybe you will not have any friends to mess up your nice place. I am pretty sure this was a FOF lunch, because a little later...

I sold the small sailboat after we broke up and I bought my new house.

No, I was really trying to not listen. I was reading City Pages, trying to ignore the noise, but i think this asshat was trying to make sure people in the tables around him could hear some of this...

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Good grief! That sounds like something you'd read in one of those New York women's novels.

Really, I think people like this are just asking to be commented to. It's a little rude if they're seated at a nearby table or something, but if someone like that were standing in line or the like:

"Wow, sounds like you have a rough two weeks coming up. If you had friends, maybe they'd help you in your time of need."


These are people I should be allowed to hit with a stupid stick.

I'm just sayin'.

i think he should sweep the contents of the house into the large sailboat and look for a route to saltwater.

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