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What do i want?
This question was posed to me, innocently enough, regarding what I wanted for lunch. Of course, I did not answer that question...

what do i want; do i really really want?
what i want, what i really really want... I have no fucking idea. And that is sort of the problem, neh?
well, not for food, not for a job, not for a car, not for my house.

I have a car. It runs very well, and even has less than 100k miles. So the car is just a matter of daydreaming of what to get in a few years. The house is good. Needs work (of course) in a few areas, and needs to have the HELoC paid down some.

Job. See Dilemma post. I still do not know. I now have an official offer letter. So, now, instead of an email to stare at, I have a whole packet of information to stare at. Mind you, I did not ask for this. I did not pursue it. Hell, I did not even know about it until the email arrived.

Food. Bah. Food will be acquired within the next hour. But not what I want to eat, rather what I should eat. If I even knew what I wanted to eat, I might have that instead, but that would require making a decision of a personal nature, and I seem to be incapable of that at the moment.

Oh, it is not being indecisive. I just sat in a meeting and determined that I, representing my team, were not required for a project, then dictated an email to that effect and had it sent off by our unofficial team lead (he who controls the team mailbox). See, no problem making decisions.


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So, uh, what do you want for dinner?


Hmm...I am not sure either. *shrug* You have some things I want however. :-)

Less than a week now... See you soon.

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