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I am back. I almost was not, but more on that later.

First, time to talk about the pre-shrunk world. Friday I arrived at the San Diego convention center. Got through the pre-reg line in about 2 minutes and headed into the main hall. I walked past about 7 people when I ran into Chris Jones and talked to him for a bit. Then P (from Convergence). Met up with karzender at his booth and wandered to meet my highs chool friends. Later, at the hot tub, ran into a guy from Atlas Games (Lunch Money). He is from Jersey. He know the people at the source and Fantasy Flight Games, including Tod G. Then, on the airplane home, sitting next to me (score one for me, i got the cute girl next to me) is a woman who also works at the bullseye. Not only does she work for the same company, we both have spent time in Michigan (ok, so that is not so small of a world, but - wait for it) her brother goes to Calvin College in MI, which I considered, and is like 4 blocks from my grandma's place.

Friday & Saturday (together because it all just blends together) - Missed Natalie since she was done before I got down to the convention. Wandered the hall for a bit and picked up piles of swag. Ditched the posters but kept the little bits and the free manga. Saw Larson (of Fastner and Larson). Talked to him about Convergence and the art of his I have picked up (Yes, toadnae and kalmn he talked about working with you on Convergence). I also ran into M. Manning (of Spider Garden, Metal Web, etc). He looks like about how I would expect :). There will be a new Tranceptor, but he has been working on a new hardcover collection which will be out next month.

Saw more of karzender, met up with my friends Krissy, Matt, Melina, and Mark for some good times. We wandered and walked and talked and in general had a fantastic time. We split for a while on Saturday so we could all see what we wanted to. I did not see Kate Beckinsale - I could not sit in the Hall H with 6500+ of my closest friends any longer. But I did see the Lost panel. Sawyer and Shannon were there. Sorry kalmn, no Sayid). Battlestar Galactica cast - Halo, Sharon, Lee, and Baltar. Not sure if Starbuck showed or not. She was not there when I left to go see Charlize Theron talk about Aeon Flux. Then was Kevin Smith. Holy fucking shit funny! He did a few opening comments and then Q&A. I laughed so hard. Next up, Slither = a horror movie with Nathon Fillion. Then Serenity. Jewel. mmmmmmmmm. Only Alan was missing - he is doing Spam-a-lot on Broadway. That was a good time. a very good time. Since they were all there, it was a pile of fun with them feed off each-other with comments. Joss originally forgot to call Jewel up to the stage and started talking until Adam started going "um, um..." Jewel came up all pouty and Joss apologized profusely. I did see Joss later wandering the floor, but I refrained from fanboy behavior and just waved. There was not, from what I could tell, autographs with them, unless it was lottery based, in which case I know I would not get in...

That is sort of the problem with a Con that big - no person time. There is a panel in front of 500-6500 people, then they disappear. Only the 'lesser-known' people actually stay and chat or are available on the floor. But to someone's point, there were tons of comics and many comic stores there, plus plenty of indies, which was great to see! I saw many good looking comics from some great indie artists. I was going to go see Erin Grey and Nick Brendon, but from the autograph sheet Erin couldn't make it and I just plain ran out of time to go up and see Zander.

Back to the floor for a couple hours before dinner - talked to the X-men booth babe. I was in my kilt. She checked. Nice. The RYL girls threatened to peek under my kilt, but sadly they failed to follow through on their threat.

So, coming home, I thought for a second it was the fucking rapture. We hit incredible crosswinds at landing. So much so I thought for sure I was going to hear the whine of the jets getting slammed hard and the G-force from an aborted landing. But no. I will quote my single-serving friend here, "I never thought I would be perpendicular to the runway!" The wing dipped huge. I had visions of the C-130 laying with its engine and wing spewed across the runways (I bet toadnae remembers that flight - we were rather delayed getting to St. Louis for the Maryville Summit). The rain poured across the landscape; the plane was pushed all over. Then the rear wheels hit the ground, and we bounced. I cannot tell if we bounced twice or only once. Then was the braking on the wet pavement. The rain was coming in at such an angle and speed, i could barely see the planes sitting waiting to take off.

Then to continue the rapture flavoured weirdness, driving home the roads were empty (8:30pm on Sunday). Byerlys was not busy. Coming home from Byerlys was even more quiet on the roads and in my neighborhood.

Anyway, I am home, tired, and have tomorrow off. I might write more as memories start unjumbling themselves and I get some sleep.

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Woo! Sounds like you had a pretty good time. I do hope that Mr. Larson had positive memories of working with us! Damn! Yes, I remember that C-130 a little too well to like your description of that landing ...

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