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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Many of you know I changed jobs last December from a consultant to being a corporate cog. Key personal points to this change were reduced stress and no travel. On the professional side, it was back to the corporate world (which I had not seen in 10 years) and a good opportunity with good benefits.

Now, my old company wants me back. I received (unsolicited) an offer from them last night for gobs of money. I liked what I did. I like what I do.

Busy/stressful/mo' money or boring/little stress/less money? That is the question. I read an entry under theatre_nerd posting of similar situation that the order is the decision already made by the subconscious. But does knowing that before you type it change it? We shall see.

Against general principal, I talked to my boss this morning. There is no danger of our non-visible group going away, and they would like me to stay.

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Ooof -- that's a lot to think about ... I know you haven't been exactly thrilled with your current job in terms of challenges, but I have to say you seem much happier since you quit traveling all the time.

So what else is important in your life, and how much time do those things take, and what sort of challenge do they provide?

I know we talked about a few things to consider earlier. Here are a few more you may not have thought of.

- What opportunities might be possible at your current job versus old job? I know you aren't used to your potential now, but is there greater mobility on the horizon there, or back where you were?

- Even with less travel, will the additional money make you happier? Will you have time to enjoy that extra income?

- Aside from money, what opportunity costs are involved? 50% travel means missing EF night half the time. You'll miss kickboxing quite often. Whatever you do with your evenings (games, socializing, etc) will change.

- How much control over your life do you want your job to have? That can be a key to frustration, especially if you don't approach your job as your life.

- If you're looking for more challenges at your current position, maybe there is something you can propose as a side project, something that adds value to your team and elevates your visibility. One thing I did in my job, that may not be directly applicable where you are, is work to make other parts of the company reliant on my project. More visibility and security. Something to think about.

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