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2009 / 2010
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
So, the world did not end. Not even close. Not even when I had a migraine so bad I wanted it to. It will not end in 2010, 2011, or 2012. Beyond that my Magic 8 Ball still says, "Hazy, ask later" or some such enlightened psychic answer.

In 2009 I learned to brew beer. That is perhaps my most crowning achievement of the year. Perhaps longer, but I am still tired and caffeine deprived and not entirely certain. Besides, if there is something more impressive, it will not appear in my feeble brain until _after_ I click "Post."

From a work perspective, I became a better Project Manager and fairly successfully managed a large project in which I had two core engineers, two significant contributors, and two more supporting engineers. It came in at just over 5000 hours. It did mean frequent, and I do mean too frequent here, trips to IA. Not that IA is a bad state, they passed Gay Marriage ahead of most of the country and you can buy booze in the grocery store, so they are more progressive than many places I have traveled. I had to go to Topeka, FFS.

mle292 and I painted the living room and kitchen. We also had the main bathroom redone - down to the studs and subfloor and back to a very nice bathroom. The house has color now. The bathroom is black and white and Central Mauve (purple) with yellow accents. The living room is Water Sprout and Sagey (light and darker greens). The kitchen is Glorious Gold and Feather Plume (looks like peach to me). We, and by we I mean mostly mle292 and I assisted, put in new light fixtures in each of the rooms. The kitchen has so much light now it needed a good scrubbing because all of the dingy spots are now visible. Still some touch-ups, cleanup, and putting-away to do, but we are mostly done. Not bad for a week of vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I took a few short vacations, one for Marscon, one for Anime Detour, and another for Convergence. Our trip to Chicago was canceled for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was my project was supposed to go live that week and I was in Iowa Sunday night to Thursday night the week before and after. Such is life. Fortunately, we did get to see the most important people in Chicago when they came and visited us here.

I finally saw all of Farscape Season 1. Also very impressive for a list of achievements, I know.

In 2010, I resolve to... Hmmm. No resolutions. They don't work anyway. And speaking of work. Back to it.