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Speakers - Car Audio
Technical Bear
About two weeks ago I noticed static in the drivers' side rear speaker. It is a discontinued speaker. I took the speaker out and checked it over, no obvious (read easy to fix) issues, no torn cones. I was hoping for a loose connection. No such luck.

I searched my favorite car audio site - http://www.crutchfield.com/ - for speakers to replace it, but they were overpriced, by quite a bit. In addition, they did not have the 3-way 6x9 that I wanted. Well, they did, but rather expensive ($299).

But I was able to find several alternatives at Amazon and find speakers I wanted - basically replace the existing ones. Getting details was a bit more tricky. Most of the descriptions were not filled in very well. I did find a pair that fit my needs, and they should ship today. Total including shipping - less than $40.

Granted, the speakers I purchased are no match for the expensive ones, and slightly lower-end than the existing speakers, but I am not sure that it will be noticeable, it will be less expensive, and I will not have the static once I put them in... Which will make it seem soooo much better than what I have currently.

Now just the waiting for them to arrive.

Speakers - Car Audio, pt 2
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I received a very strange email from Amazon today. It said that the order for speakers was canceled and my credit card was not charged. It had all of the correct order information, item I ordered, but no reason. And now that transaction does not show up in my list of orders.

I have two guesses:

  • credit card processing had a hiccup
  • Amazon stopped doing business with that vendor/supplier.

Either way looks like I need to run through another search for speakers.

Has anyone else had an Amazon order be canceled by Amazon?