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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Today only!

Got up. Drank coffee. Drank more coffee. Then more coffee.

Went to the gym. Found the proper hip sled, after already using the circuit trainer version of it. Also found the free-weight calf raiser machine. I started slow on the hip sled since I had already completed 3 sets (and 2 calf sets) on the Cybex machine. By slow I mean 2x 10 at 560#. Which is pretty low for me. I have completed 2x 8 @ 720. The downside to that machine is that it takes longer to load and unload the plates than it does to complete the sets. I then kicked out an additional 3 calf sets on the dedicated calf-raise machine. I used 50# on that. I love that machine. I did a full body workout and then went into the Sauna to relax for bit.

Had to go to Target and get the essentials then back home. I would have had time to squeeze in a Torchwood episode, but I did not get them put onto a DVD in time to watch. :(

Very foggy and drizzle here in Topeka. Flight was rather uneventful. I have now determined that (a) we will always be at threat level Orange. It will never go back to threat level Banana. The "we have a very full flight, so please ..." is pre-recorded and played on every singe light. I had the row to myself, and the row behind me was empty, except when the woman from the other side of the aisle went there to lay across the three seats. See, she was the only one in her row too, but row 5 has the non-moving armrests, so stretching across them. Not a problem for me, being short, to stretch let me have my shoulders not be cramped.

Drive from KC to Topeka also very uneventful. 2008 PT Cruiser with 3800 miles. Automatic. No Cruise Control. You sit much higher in it (at least it feels that way) than other other cars. Not a powerhouse car by any means, but nothing especially defective about it either. This model is a solid average.

Nap time for me now. Have a good night all.