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Migraine Update
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Visited the doc today. Well first, I went to the dentist and all is good on that front.

On to the doc. So, the initial drugs do not do enough. So now, I have Imitrex to use in place of Ergotam. I also have the generic version of Fioricet. Mixing barbiturates and stimulants in one pill, what will they think of next?!

Still no aura, although I find it difficult to speak while being attacked by the migraine hordes.

So, now the process looks like this:
Head hurts.
Migraine? -> Take Excedrin Migraine (the generic version)
Time passes (1 hour).
Head still hurt? -> Take Imitrex
Time passes (2 hours)
Head still hurt? -> More Imitrex.
If my head is still hurting at this point, it is more likely to be OMFG, the pain the pain! at which point I start pounding the But/Apap/Caf (generic Fioricet) like candy. Actually more like 2/every four hours while I pray for the sweet release of death. But until Grim shows up and I kick his ass at boardgames, I guess it is the dark room/bath/ice/quiet(or loud) treatment.