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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Ah, Houston, it is so nice and... Hey wait, I am not in Houston...  Oh, yeah, my trip was cancelled 6 hours before I was to go to the airport.  Not bad, since it was only scheduled last Wednesday.  Yeah, get told to travel on a few days notice, then postponed on several hours notice.  Well, since I am home, I get to go work out tonight, and I got to go to kickboxing last night.  Small class - just three of us.  Was a nice break, it has been crowded some nights.  Not that I mind.  Everyone should get in a good workout.  And I got to ride the bike, so life is good. 

Went to Ren Fest on Saturday.  Beautiful weather for it!  A couple more clouds and I would have to say perfect.  Bought a new hat, got a bat (henna body art), ate lots of really bad-for-you food :)  Saw most of London Broil's show.  Not bad.  Missed Vilification Tennis - always a good time.  Saw a great t-shirt, which I opted not to get, but might if i go again - "Wenches want me" - LOL.  That and "Dragon - the other white meat" where the best of the t-shirts.  Good times...