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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
No, this is not about the movie (although it is a good movie - I like those messed-up relationship movies)...

Closer to Comic-Con. San Diego, the Coast, the fresh seafood... And way too many people crammed into a convention center...

I am headed there to see friends that i have not seen in many years. It should be a good time! After I made all the arrangements, I found out karzender was going to be there as well. Most excellent.

Need to pack tonight, since tomorrow night is busy, and I have a 9-ish flight on Friday morning.

Internet access at the hotel is "pay-for," so I think the iBook will be staying at home and the con report will have to wait until I am back. Normally I would find a place with free access and get a cup of coffee, but I will not have my own transportation, nor do I think I will have the time to wander and find said place. You will just have to wait.

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San Diego Comics Con. Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm. Have fun! :)

Sounds like fun!

Don't do anything I wouldn't... nah, check that, do things I wouldn't do and then tell me about them. ;)

You found out I was going and still didn't cancel? Must be because of Natalie Portman...

Also, my hotel has free Internet. Nyah.

So if I bring my laptop to your hotel, I can surf and post, right?

That's right, but my hotel is about 3 miles from the convention center

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